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  • Will mobile software licensec influence buying the next mobile device, and choosing the same platform?41th WEEK

    Arjan Olsder - Owner MobileGamesBlog.com

    Arjan OlsderOwner MobileGamesBlog.com

    04.10.09 at 19:13

    If there is any way to make consumers stick to a platform, it\'s probably by letting them invest in it. Just like a PC user isn\'t going to dump it\'s software licenses for a mac (or vise-versa), consumers that invested many euro\'s in their mobile apps will prefer a followup device where they can keep using most of them. This is possible for a lot of platforms (Apple is doing it, Nokia is testing it) but it depends on the DRM on the background and the willingness of developers to keep porting their back catalogue. Having your own shop will certainly let vendors have a good shot at it, but when it is a non-exclusive one it might be hard to inform consumers about which purchases are and arn\'t supported when upgrading the hardware.

    Should any phone manufacturer have declining / banning rights apart from legality from its appstores/marketplaces?33th WEEK

    Arjan Olsder - Owner MobileGamesBlog.com

    Arjan OlsderOwner MobileGamesBlog.com

    03.08.09 at 22:07

    Yes, but I do reckon that consumers like to have a bit or transparency
    about who you allow and who not. It\'s like your house. The people you
    like are allowed in and the people you like are left outside. This
    discussion reverts to the Apple vs. Google cast and I think Apple never
    claimed that the app store is an independent channel.