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About project


 “Opinions in Mobile” is an online platform, where top executives and leaders from the mobile services and mobile entertainment industry respond to questions related to the mobile market. These questions are asked and sent to them once every week, and they respond throughout the week.

The project is spinned-off from the fact that different people have different opinions and views, and that their opinions are unique and characteristic to them. That is also why every person has an own profile and list of answers. The platform creates a new format of online market portal, with diversity of opinions from the mobile industry.

The Opinions in Mobile platform was created by HungryMobile. The original idea to create this platform was created by Jan Rezab.

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In the media

1st question summary: Device manufacturers vs. Operators 10.11.2008

Opinions in Mobile, the online platform in the mobile industry that HungryMobile brings you, has launched the first question during the last week. The question was specifically: “Who do you think will have the main role in the mobile portals world in the next 2 years? Do you think the operators or the OEM’s, or completely different companies and why?”.

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Source: HungryMobile Blog