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With Facebook Mobile reaching up to 100 million users, where do you think mobile social networking is going?6th WEEK

Ray Anderson - CEO at Bango

Ray AndersonCEO at Bango

07.02.10 at 11:35


Mark Linder - Global Client Leader at WPP

Mark LinderGlobal Client Leader at WPP

07.02.10 at 11:34

SN will be for many people the primary channel, not an add-on, and we won\'t delineate mobile from fixed as the experience becomes more seamless. SN is a stream that is part of so many activities, built into our basic transactions. Google search already has SN and maps with Latitude.

Jonathan MacDonald - Managing Director - JMA

Jonathan MacDonaldManaging Director - JMA

03.02.10 at 13:43

We are increasingly connected via mobile devices, so we are already socially networking. The \'reach\' of Facebook is nothing in comparison to that of those with mobile phones. Social network platforms which come and go periodically, will continue to move into predominant channels of communication. Whether they can monetise that is another question.

Volker Hirsch - Co-Founder, Blue Beck

Volker HirschCo-Founder, Blue Beck

03.02.10 at 11:22

Social networking - whether on mobile or not - and social mobile interaction are not necessarily the same thing. On the former, it is natural that there will be an expansion of usage to existing networks from mobile devices (as there is an expansion of usage of mobile devices all over the place) but, on the latter, I think we will be seeing many different and original solutions to come. Early examples of what people are doing with augmented reality browsers (which only really makes sense on a mobile device) shows a small glimpse, little apps like FourSquare do, too. Mobile has a number of unique distinguishing factors (location-awareness being one of them) and it will be much, much more than a mere extension of \"ordinary\" online services.

I\'ll be speaking about this at a number of conferences this spring. Watch my Slideshare (http://slidershare.net/hirsch30) for copies of the presentations.